ALICE Report Featured on WMDT

MD United Way creates ALICE report revealing how many residents can't afford the cost of living
By: Justina Coronel

MARYLAND - The United Way's in Maryland released an ALICE report, which reveals that nearly 35% of households in the state can't afford the cost of living.

Some of the counties with the highest number of struggling families are located on the Lower Eastern Shore.

ALICE stands for asset, limited, income, constrained, employed and this is the first time this report has been conducted in the Old Line State.

Somerset County had 53% of households, the highest in the state, living at or below the ALICE threshold.

This threshold classifies households as higher than poverty level, but still unable to make ends meet.

United Way in Salisbury is hoping to raise awareness for those struggling every day. 

The Community Impact Director, Pam Gregory, says the report is there as a tool and a community conversation starter.

Gregory says, "We can take a look not individually as different agencies and organizations but collectively at a community level to say here is a number of underlying issues."

The report will be re-done in two years.

United Way is hoping to use this as a way to get the word out in order to have federal leaders and local leaders create action.