Official Statement from Board of Directors regarding Kathleen Momme Op-Ed

For Immediate Release - August 30, 2018:

This is in response to an editorial published by the Salisbury Independent on August 29, 2018, by Kathleen Momme concerning her departure as CEO from The United Way of the Lower Eastern Shore.   Many of Ms. Momme’s comments were unfortunate and/or incorrect.

Between May and June 2018, four of the nine members of the United Way’s paid staff resigned, in part, because of serious concerns they had with Ms. Momme and the work environment she fostered.

In response, the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors retained an independent human resources consultant to conduct a thorough investigation, which included interviews of current and former staff, among others.  The consultant also interviewed Ms. Momme and provided her with the opportunity to respond to the concerns the staff raised.  Following the investigation, the Board of Directors reviewed the consultant’s findings in consultation with legal counsel and voted unanimously to terminate Ms. Momme’s employment.

The United Way of the Lower Eastern Shore is conducting an executive search for a new CEO.    In the interim, Pam Gregory will serve as interim CEO.

We are excited to move forward into our 2018/2019 campaign season and working together positively to impact the lives of our friends, neighbors, and family members right here on the Lower Eastern Shore as we have for the last 73 years.