Women United


The United Way of the Lower Eastern Shore is proud to announce the formation of its newest affinity group, Women United of the Lower Eastern Shore!

In 2002 The United Way Women's Leadership Councils were founded across the country.  Re-branding took place in 2016 as WOMEN UNITED and from that local WOMEN UNITED groups have formed with over 70,000 members strong today. In those WOMEN UNITED groups women leaders speak up, unite and take action on issues that hit closest to home through their giving, volunteering and advocating.

The focus of the WOMEN UNITED of the Lower Eastern Shore is to provide hands on volunteer support for selected projects that meet the critical needs of our local communities; our way of supporting our communities through taking action not just financial support.

For further information feel free to contact:

Cathie Thomas (410-742-5143) or 

Lois Hartstein (302-841-4637)